Moral stories in tamil to read : Most interesting

Moral stories in tamil to read

Moral stories in tamil to read
Moral stories in tamil to read
Moral stories in tamil to read - The Lion and the E: One should not be ridiculed for being small in the image. The parable of the righteous is that he will have power over other things

One lion lived in a forest. It, by its strength, appearance, and roar, terrorized all the animals that lived in the forest.
Not all beasts approach the lion for fear. Seeing the lion and running away.

But then e ”sits on the lion without fear. The lion was furious and roared when he saw it.

You may be strong for it. Other animals may be afraid of you. But I am not afraid. In fact, as you said, I will make you bite your teeth and sell you with nails. ”

Hearing this, the lion was angry and asked me to do it. It flew up and sat on the lion's back. When the lion sits on its back, the lion tries to chase it away.

When the fly sits on the lion's face, it tries to bite off its toes. So many times the lion was very well impressed and flew.

The lion is unable to catch or crush the lead. So the lion was ashamed of his inability.

Only then did the lion realize that even though he was physically heroic, a small fly had made it to himself...

No one should be weighed down by the image,,

Moral stories in tamil to read - Two cats and Monkey:

Moral stories in tamil to read
Moral stories in tamil to read
In one house, two cats were friends… .but they were often in unison.

One day we got a loaf of bread. When they both tried to eat it, they had trouble dividing it.

So the cats went out to the house, thinking that they could go to someone and share the bread equally. Then a monkey came.

The monkey gave the pancakes and divided them evenly. The monkey happily agreed with it and brought a scoop, and the two pancakes were placed on each plate of the Madhu Daras.

One-piece was so large that the tray of the piece fell slightly down. The monkey then took the piece and ate a bite and left the rest on the plate. Now the other plate is down. Still taking the plate of bread from the tray and biting a little bit, and resumed.

Along with the plates… the monkey alternately ate the pieces.

Cats that have seen the bread decrease, we take care of you so you don't split the bread anymore. ”

But Monkey, the rest of the time, I called it a job and put it in the mouth.

If the cats were united with one another ... Maybe they ate pancakes. Losses due to lack of unity.

If we love and give up on each other, we can be united without losing anything.

Moral stories in tamil to read - A lioness, and a fox:

Moral stories in tamil to read
Moral stories in tamil to read
In one gaze many winners fell to life. A lioness, a fox, wandered for a long time without food. One day and two face-to-face, they expressed their position.

Eventually, the two ended up being hunted by a pair. The lion gave it a plan. That is, the fox must shout loudly. Hearing the same noise, the wild wildlife rides here and there. The lion shall kill the beasts.

This idea was foiled by the fox. That is why it was signed immediately. Accordingly, the fox began to shout in his dreadful voice. The wild lionesses rushed here, listening to its strange sound. During that time, the lion hunted the lionesses of the lion's predators.

The lioness stopped the screaming of a fox and fell into the limelight. It was a happy day for the river. The eternal beasts died there. As it turned out, the fox boasted that these beasts had died.

What a blessing to be with the lioness and what my job is.

For that matter, linguist .. Yes, what about your job? It is said that he died on the Fourth Day.

Moral stories in tamil to read - A poor man:

Moral stories in tamil to read
Moral stories in tamil to read
A poor man named Kanda lived with his wife in a small hut. As he got older, he could not go to work and had to sell and eat what he had. As the days went on… they ate no food.

In this case, he said to the Lord, "Why did the Lord create us like this… If it lasts this way….

The Lord who had mercy on him appeared before him and grieved him… and gave him a goose. He went on to say that the goose would lay a golden egg on the day ... and sell it and buy what the family needed and spend the rest of their lives happy.

Every golden egg on the goose day… they sold it and spent the rest of their lives.

One day Kanda's wife went to her husband and said, "This duck lays every single golden egg. So how can we be so rich that if we take all the eggs that are in the belly of this goat we can sell it and become rich." Kanda, hearing this, seemed right.

Immediately, Kanda caught the duck and killed the duck and tore its stomach to take all the eggs that were in the belly of the duck. What a surprise the "b" was in the stomach of the duck. Like other ducks in its belly, it was just a gut.

The day a golden egg duck died, poverty re-enveloped them.

Repenting that their greed had brought great misery, they lived poorly and died without food.

Minchin to the level of desire; That is greed. Greed causes great loss and hardship.

Greed is a huge loss
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