Moral stories in tamil to read : Tamil short stories for kids

Moral stories in tamil to read - Tamil short stories for kids

Tamil short stories for kids

Tamil short stories for kids

Tamil short stories for kids - The merchant and Donkey: Once upon a time, there was a salt merchant. Every day he would carry a bundle of salt on a donkey and go into town. There was a river on the way. The river must be crossed.
One day, the salt merchant, as usual, loaded the bundles of salt on the donkey's back and went back to business. The donkey's legs slipped unexpectedly past the river's ass on the way. So, the donkey stumbles and falls into the river.

As the donkey slipped, the salty bundle on its back was soaked. The merchant slowly lifted his ass. But isn't the salt bin soaked in water? It remained so for a few minutes, dissolved in water and half covered.

So, the salt bundle on the back of the donkey has become just a pretext. Wow-what a surprise now the donkey backs don't seem to be.
Great fun for the ass. But a big loss for the dealer. The salt merchant also drove his donkey with no way to do salt business and returned home.

The merchant went into the salt business as usual. The salt bundle on the back of the ass was heavy on the ass. The donkey walked along the riverbank. Suddenly the day before came to mind. So, it slowly fell into the river, causing it to stumble.

The next minute the salt bundle on the back of the ass was dissolved in water. Even today the donkey has no backload.

The donkey continued to do the trick. Thus the dealer continued to have difficulty in going to business every day. He had the trick of the ass to chew on. So he thought it would teach him a good lesson.

The dealer did not load the bundle of salt as usual on the backs of donkeys. Instead, he packed a bag full of candy and rolled his ass. The donkey came along the river bridge as usual. Unexpectedly the foot stumbles and falls into the river.

The sponge that was in the bundle was soaked in water. Damn trouble! The cocoon on the donkey's back was heavier than ever. The donkey was very hard and crossed the river and reached the shore.

He was ashamed of his deception and knew the dealer who had saved him for so long. The decision to walk no longer was honest.

Too. He who trusts us and does not believe should not deceive anyone. If we do so, one day our actions will be known to them. The humiliation will come on that day. We will be punished for it

Tamil short stories for kids - The Lion and Rabbit:

Tamil short stories for kids
Tamil short stories for kids
The lion is a wild animal. It is also called the king of beasts.

It feeds on herbivores, hunting for herbivorous animals such as deer, eagles, and rabbits.

A lion living in a jungle hunted many animals every day.

The other beasts who saw this were living in fear.

The lion kills so many animals every day that they will die soon, and they all consulted together.

They know that they cannot fight the lion.

So they decided to fall prey to a lion and become a beast.

All the animals went to the lion's den and they all came to an end. So Singarasa(Lion king) need not wander in search of prey. We are coming to your cave one day.

And if you kill too many animals in one day, we all die quickly. Lion king was delighted to hear that you would soon die without food.

Since then every animal has gone to the lion,
One day a rabbit came along. The rabbit was a little late to the lion's den.

So the lion was very angry.

The lion rabidly wondered why you were late.

Upon hearing this, Rabbit shuddered, "King" on the way I saw another big lion dissolve into me. This is where I sneaked up and went.

Is there a lion bigger than me in this forest? Asked with arrogance.

"Yes Swami," he said, "take me to the lion and show me a well. This is why the lion was there."

The lion hopped on it and reached the well. It was then that the lion's shadow (image) appeared to be in another well. The lion roared at it.

The image also roared. The lion raged.

And here it is, into the well, claiming to put an end to you.

The lion's well was drowned.

Other animals were saved by the rabbit's resourceful efforts.

Tamil short stories for kids - The Crow:

Tamil short stories for kids

Tamil short stories for kids

She was shot and sold by a grandmother in a town.

Grandma baked cakes and spread them on a plate to make it known to everyone. A crow saw this. The crow's desire for a stick.

When the grandmother noticed the crow, she took advantage of the opportunity and lifted a stick and sat down on a tree.

A fox saw this. The fox somehow managed to get the stick from the crow.

The fox immediately went to the tree and patted the raven, what a beautiful sight you were.

Your beauty is beauty. I think your voice is too sweet. Your sweet voice said that I would love to hear a song.

The fox called himself the most beautiful bird and the crow thought to make the fox happy. Immediately the crow forgets the smell in her mouth and shouts in her sweet voice: "ka" "ka" "ka".

Then the stick in the crow's mouth fell down. Thinking that the raven had been fooled by the fox, he grabbed the stick and hid it.

The crow was impressed by the cunning of others.
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